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We help professional investors protect and grow asset wealth through the following boutique services:

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etm insights

  • @RussLamberti Why the big focus on PMI as US recession signal? 9 false signals in 11 business cycles (fall <50 from >55). https://t.co/P2r5RqYfFF
  • @etmanalytics And so much for confidence in central bankers. ECB QE confidence pathetically low. https://t.co/qL9RkA7xpq https://t.co/ua7dReBU9a
  • @etmanalytics ECB QE is pretty "meh" for US CFOs. #Toothless. https://t.co/qL9RkA7xpq https://t.co/6gnfbvpzVF
  • @etmanalytics US CFO survey shows the fear is not where fearmongers say it is (Strong $, terror, Brexit). https://t.co/qL9RkA7xpq https://t.co/oOMZX3N1qD
  • @AmbroseEP Total failure of public policy in my view. How can a country's governing system let this happen? https://t.co/61QYILhGlb
  • @etmanalytics 5wks til vote, Brexit:The Movie arrives to counter mainstream narrative. Can it affect odds? https://t.co/nbATPNbcwz https://t.co/E37JQKlsHk
  • @etmanalytics Q2'16 SA Labour Mkt Report. Finally official jobs data mirror slump in Solidarity-ETM Labour Mkt Index https://t.co/4Zv1WTYcSN @solidariteit
  • @etmanalytics SA employment drop in Q1 is more than a seasonal decline. Only around R150k of the R350k drop is due to seasonality.
  • @RussLamberti Somehow the financially sick SA govt managed to add tens of 000s of new people to its payroll in Q1, while all other sectors bled.
  • @TransUnionSA Q1 of TU’s Consumer Credit Index (CCI) decreases 6 points from 52.1 in Q4. #CCIQ1 https://t.co/Avs8FIqLQu https://t.co/aWkosX5cJA