Realtime financial market commentary and analysis

ETM Analytics provides concise and relevant assessments of movements in the financial markets covering all treasury product sets including the associated derivative markets.

Tactical and strategic financial market research

Innovative financial market research that aims to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical. The team uses a proprietary framework to analyse market conditions, political situations and macro events to provide consistent actionable information.

Proprietary financial market indices

ETM has developed a number of proprietary financial market indices which give the client insights not previously available. We choose to look at the same problem from different angles with the aim of providing greater clarity to the end user.

Content delivery solutions

Web – The content can be viewed standalone via the website or integrated into information vendors such a Reuters or Bloomberg via a headline viewer
Mobile – Website has been optimised for mobile devices.

Client solutions

White labelling – We are able to provide tailored solutions whereby we can white label content for use within a respective client base to add both depth and value without running the expense of a full scale research and financial markets team. Direct delivery of content – We are able to directly integrate our content into a client’s environment via the following protocols
- Full Rest API